HI-FLOW 2 is the favorite emissions detection tool in the field.


“What is your favorite emissions detection tool to use out in the field?”

His response was, “All of them. It’s really hard to pick. But the one that we’ve really gotten a lot of benefit from is the SEMTECH HI-FLOW 2.”  An excerpt from an article by Velda Addison of Paul Espenan from Diversified Energy Company, PLC.

- Velda Addison, Senior Editor of digital media for Hart Energy’s editorial team interviewed Paul Espenan, Senior Vice President of Environmental health, Safety and risk management for Alabama based Diversified Energy. In the article “Keeping it Tight: Diversified Energy Clamps Down on Methane Emissions ­–­ Diversified Energy wants to educate on emission reduction successes while debunking junk science.”

Read the complete article on the Hart Energy website: https://www.hartenergy.com/exclusives/keeping-it-tight-diversified-energy-clamps-down-methane-emissions-208935

To learn more about the SEMTECH HI-FLOW 2, visit the Sensors, Inc. website. https://sensors-inc.com/Products/Custom_Solutions/SEMTECH_HI-FLOW_2