• Car PEMS testing on track
  • PEMS testing on excavator
  • Experimental car PEMS testing
  • Farm tractor PEMS testing
  • PEMS testing on heady duty semi
  • PEMS testing on snowmobile
  • PEMS testing on truck

Testing Services

Sensors brings over 100 years of aggregate emissions testing expertise to your door. Having pioneered the development of portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS), Sensors, Inc. is uniquely qualified to provide assistance in meeting your in-use emissions testing needs. Whether your goal is to determine the effectiveness of fuel additives or after-treatment systems, or to meet regulatory in-use compliance testing, our engineers and technicians can help you every step of the way.



Sensor’s Testing Services team has been conducting in-use tests for over ten years on a wide range of applications. We have successfully completed:

  • Over 150 heavy-duty in-use compliance tests for most US-based engine manufacturers to meet EPA compliance requirements including report submissions
  • More than 1500 light duty in-use and R&D test routes for a range of automotive OEMs and suppliers.
  • Non-compliance in-use testing on everything from on-highway cars and heavy-trucks to trains, ferries, non-road construction equipment, snowmobiles, and more.


Sensor’s Testing Services team knows PEMS equipment and regulations inside and out! As manufacturers of PEMS, our expertise and relationships with regulators is of tremendous value to our testing services customers. We delivered and commissioned 400+ PEMS, with 2000+ modules, to more than 100 global customers, and we still support them today.


Sensors' PEMS equipment uses the same technologies as found in certification grade test cells. We meet regulatory requirements for all current programs in the world and provide NIST traceable certificates for regulatory verifications upon request. All of our analyzers are insensitive to shock and vibration. They are also heated and compensated for altitude changes to at least 2400 meters, so changing environmental conditions are not an issue.

We measure the following emissions components:

  • Exhaust mass flow rate, from 1 liter to 18 liter engines. Compensation for pulsations (patent pending) for more accurate measurements on small engines
  • CO2 up to 18% and CO up to 8%
  • NO up to 3000 ppm, and NO2 up to 1000 ppm
  • THC and/or CH4 using single or dual FIDs with vacuum controlled flame chambers stable to 2400 meters Particle number (PN) using CPC technology
  • Particulate mass (PM) using EPA approved system including gravimetric filters combined with real-time mass using Pegasor®


In addition to manufacturing the PEMS equipment that we use, we also design and produce the analytical and reporting software to go with it. We can customize any reports to your specifications.

  • US Heavy-Duty In-Use (HDIU) compliance analysis and reporting software
  • European RDE analysis and reporting software
  • European Heavy-Duty in-use conformity analysis and reporting software
  • European Non-road Mobile Machinery software (under development)

We are the most knowledgeable and experienced PEMS Testing Services team in the world, period.