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Gas Analysis

Accurate measurement of gases and their concentrations is critical in many applications, and often poses a major challenge. Sensors' experience with different measurement principles, including NDIR, NDUV, and thermal conductivity, along with the ability to provide special combinations of these techniques within our products, enables us to tackle these challenges. In addition, our experience goes into every detail of our gas analyzers, ensuring reliable results, even under harsh conditions. Our skilled team of experts is happy to assist you in finding the optimized solution for your measurement requirements, with either off-the-shelf components or a customized solution.

Gasmitter gas analyzer


Gasmitter is based on the NDIR, dual-beam principle, and it offers superior long-term stability, an improved S/N ratio, and an optimized T90 response time. The base product comes equipped with temperature and pressure compensation and offers a linearized output signal. Depending on the gas of interest, Gasmitter can be manufactured for different measurement ranges from ppm up to Vol. %. The unit's small size makes it ideal for use in hand held devices.

AGM22 gas analyzer


Sensors' Advanced Gasmitter (AGM22) product line has been developed to measure the inert gas content of binary gas mixtures based on the thermal conductivity (TC) principle. AGM22 is used to measure inert gases such as: Hydrogen (H2), Helium (He), Xenon (Xe), Argon (Ar), and Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6). Various measurement ranges from 0-5% Vol. to 0-100% Vol. are available. The standard AGM22 is heated to minimize the effects of ambient conditions.