• Operator using HI-FLOW 2
  • Orphan Well with HI-FLOW 2
  • Natural Gas facility
  • Operator using HI-FLOW 2
  • Panoramic Oil Refinery

Fugitive Emissions

Sensors has been a leader in advancing gas analysis technology since 1969. Our SEMTECH® technology not only exemplifies innovation but now also plays a vital role in quantifying fugitive emissions. 

Gasmitter gas analyzer


The SEMTECH HI-FLOW 2 represents Sensors’ first solution in fugitive emissions quantification technology. The HI-FLOW 2 is a robust, portable, battery powered, high volume sampler for the accurate quantification of fugitive methane emissions and is the only high flow methane sampler to meet the rigorous requirements outlined by the ACR at Winrock International (formerly American Carbon Registry) for its "Methodology for the Quantification, Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions and Removals from the Plugging of Orphaned Oil and Gas (OOG) Wells".

The combination of the Analyzer and the Sampler (with a variety of sampling adapters) allows the entire fugitive methane emission to be captured, diluted, and quantified accurately.

Sensors, Inc.'s SEMTECH HI-FLOW 2 high flow sampler sets the industry standard as the go-to solution for reliable, precise, and compliant methane emissions monitoring.