Vehicle Mass Analysis System (VMAS 2.0)


Sensors, Inc. introduces an enhanced version of its SEMTECH® End Of Line (EOL) cart, integrating core SEMTECH® technologies into the basic system, which has been a standard for idle-state, loaded mode and transient emissions-based testing. SEMTECH® EOL simultaneously measures raw concentrations, diluted exhaust flow and dilution ratio, performs the required calculations to generate mass emissions rates and cumulative mass of CO, CO2, NO, NO2 and HC (as hexane), saving the data on a second-by-second basis for instant inspection and analysis.

The heart of the system is comprised of Sensors’ NDIR, NDUV and flow measurement technologies. The Automotive Microbench (AMB II) is employed for the measurement of CO, CO2 and HC exhaust constituents. We have integrated our NDUV technology for the measurement of NO and NO2, which is a more accurate, precise and responsive analytical technique. Finally, we have replaced the vortex flow measurement device with a more robust, accurate and wide-ranging averaging pitot technique, a SEMTECH® technology. The result is a complete system with greater accuracy and reliability.

The system may be deployed for a number of applications including End-of-Production-Line testing, as is required in automotive manufacturing facilities in China (meets requirements of China 6). It may also be used in Inspection and Maintenance programs which require transient mass measurements. Finally, the SEMTECH® EOL may be used by performance tuners to demonstrate compliance with current emissions standards. All of this technology is housed in a ruggedized roll-around cart, which has been designed for ease of use on the production floor or in an automotive performance, repair, or I/M workshop.

SEMTECH® EOL system performance:

  • Maximum Range:
    • CO: 8% vol
    • CO2:18% vol
    • HC (hexane): 2000 ppm
    • NO: 3000 ppm
    • NO2: 1000 ppm
  • Maximum Flow:
    • 2080 kg/hr @ 100°C
    • 1550 kg/hr @ 400°C
  • Size (W x D x H): 105.7 x 110.2 x 50.8 cm
  • Weight: 100 kg

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