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Heavy-Duty Portable Emissions Measurement Systems

The SEMTECH® DS+ heavy-duty portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) is designed to meet worldwide regulatory standards for heavy-duty vehicles and off-road equipment. Modules are designed to work with each other with minimal connections.

SEMTECH DS+ heavy-duty gas analzyer

Gaseous / Exhaust Flow

The SEMTECH® DS+ base PEMS contains a sample conditioning unit and measures exhaust flow, CO, CO2, NO, and NO2. Additional modules mate directly via electrical and pneumatic connections, minimizing lines, pneumatics and cables.


Add-on Modules

SEMTECH CPN 23|10 PN analzyer

Particle Number

The SEMTECH® CPN & CPN 23|10 measure the solid particle number concentrations of engine exhaust particles and are fully compliant with both the current and developing worldwide regulations for particle number measurements.  Incorporating a volatile particle removal and a proprietary condensation particle counter.

SEMTECH PM2 PM analzyer

Particulate Mass

The SEMTECH® PM2 is a 2nd generation on-board Particulate Mass (PM) measurement device that combines real-time and cumulative PM measurements, using both an ion mobility technique and a gravimetric method in a single module.

SEMTECH FID hydrocarbon analzyer


Measure Total Hydrocarbons (THC) in real-time with the SEMTECH® Flame Ionization Detector (FID), which works as a stand-alone device or as an add on to the SEMTECH® DS+. A Dual FID configuration is also available that measures THC and methane.

SEMTECH NH3 ammonia analzyer


Measure Ammonia (NH3) in real-time with the SEMTECH® NH3, which works as a stand-alone device or as an add on to the SEMTECH® DS+.