a replacement for the obsolete Bacharach HI FLOW


For over 50 years, Sensors, Inc. has built a reputation for gas and particulate measurement products under the SEMTECH® brand in the automotive industry. Our fugitive methane analyzer is the latest entry in Sensors Emissions Measurement Technology (SEMTECH®) family. Sensors’ fugitive methane analyzer brings to bear our emission measurement experience into the oil and gas industry with a focus on leak detection and repair (LDAR).

Sensors, Inc. is proud to present the latest in direct quantification of leaks in the 0.01 to 20 CFM range with accuracy better than 5%. This device uses state-of-the-art flow and gas sensing technologies that are integrated into a handheld unit for accurate measurement during established LDAR programs.

For ultimate flexibility, the high-flow sampler is separated into:

  • Handheld unit with a high-volume vacuum sampling fan and total flowrate monitor
  • Portable control module (which can be carried, placed on the floor, or mounted to a backpack) housing the gas sensor technologies, control electronics, and battery pack

SEMTECH® HI-FLOW 2 preliminary fugitive methane analyzer performance:

SEMTECH Fugtive Methane Analzyer Performance

Designed for intuitive and convenient operation

  • Modern Wi-Fi web-based GUI interface with manual override and LED status indicators
  • 300 Wh LiOH battery pack for uninterrupted daily operation
  • Lightweight and flexible umbilical connections between various components to access those hard-to-reach places
  • Detachable shoulder strap

For more detailed information download our flyer.