Low Drift NOx Bench


Sensors has released a Low Drift NOx bench for light duty and heavy-duty PEMs. This NOx bench is fast, rugged, and precise with low zero drift for consistent, dependable measurement of NOx. Sensors Low Drift bench meets the challenges of the proposed Euro 7 regulations which focuses on real world testing, tightens conformity factors, and requires the reduction of particle size. The Low Drift NOx bench fits in the original LDV/DS+ GAS module and operates seamlessly with Sensor‑Tech PRO and all existing post‑processing software.

Euro 7 regulations place a strong emphasis on real-world testing, tighter conformity factors, and the reduction of particle size, and our NOx bench rises to meet these demands. Designed to seamlessly integrate into the original LDV/DS+ GAS module, it operates flawlessly with Sensor Tech PRO and all existing post processing software.

Stay ahead in emissions measurement with Sensors' Low Drift NOx bench, providing you with accurate data to drive environmental compliance and sustainability goals. In anticipation of these continually evolving environmental and regulatory requirements, Sensors, Inc. is pleased to introduce its new NOx measurement solution, which offers major improvements over current NOx measurement technologies.

Major enhancements include:

  • Reduced zero drift: ≤ 2ppm over ± 30°C over 1 hour; ≤ 3ppm over ± 30°C over 4 hours; (previously ≤ 5ppm over ± 10°C for up to 4 hours).
  • Reduced warmup time (45 minutes from 120 minutes).
  • Rise time of ≤1.5 seconds.

Jason Gaudet, Sensors’ Director of Advanced Engineering states, “Testing results demonstrates performance of the Low Drift NOx analyzer under extreme temperature cycling. The zero drift under these extreme conditions is consistently less than the instrument accuracy (1 ppm NO, 2 ppm NO2, 3 ppm total NOx). In effect, the instrument is immune to thermal drift.”

This updated NOx bench is currently available in SEMTECH® DS+ units. Contact sales@sensors-inc.com for details. Further innovations for CO, NH3, and N2O are in the pipeline and will be announced when they are available.

Download the tech sheet for the Low Drift NOx Bench.