Sensors to supply BEA 090 PN Analyzer to Robert Bosch


Bosch BEA 090SALINE, MI, October 6, 2022 - Sensors, Inc. announces that it has entered into an agreement with Robert Bosch GmbH to be its exclusive supplier of the BEA 090 Particle Number (PN) Analyzer for the upcoming European Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI) programs scheduled to begin in 2023.

The measurement of opacity has been the standard for assessing the condition of diesel vehicles for over thirty years. As engine technology has advanced over the decades, it was clear that opacimeters were no longer capable of measuring particles from cleaner vehicles equipped with cleaner engines and advanced exhaust aftertreatment systems, and that a new measurement protocol was essential for a viable PTI program. After years of investigation and negotiation, authorities from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium authorities determined that a measure of particle number would satisfy the need to identify gross emitters. The European Commission is currently working on a recommendation for all Member States to introduce similar programs.

To meet this need, Sensors, Inc. embarked on a program to design, develop and manufacture a device that could accurately count particles as small as 23nm, under difficult environmental conditions. The company based the analyzer on the Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) technique, which has been employed for over a decade in their SEMTECH® Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS), and which is the similar to systems used for vehicle homologation.

Bosch, the largest manufacturer, and distributor of equipment for PTI programs in Europe, chose Sensors, Inc. to provide a complete solution for its customer base. This solution includes not only the measurement device, but also the sampling system, power supply, electronics, and software.

“We are proud to be chosen to supply Bosch with their PN-PTI solution,” states Joe Morrill, CEO Sensors, Inc. “Bosch is the largest supplier of equipment for the automotive aftermarket in Europe. Their demand for quality and performance was a critical factor in their selection of Sensors, Inc., as well as its proven capability to deliver thousands of analyzers that consistently meet those standards.”

Sensors, Inc. has over 50 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of gas analysis and flow measurement technologies for a wide variety of demanding applications. Today, Sensors is a noted leader in the supply of gas analysis instrumentation and a leading manufacturer of innovative exhaust analysis solutions for automotive markets worldwide. The company's emissions measurement solutions are used by government regulatory agencies and universities, as well as engine and vehicle manufacturers throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

About Robert Bosch GmbH:

The Automotive Aftermarket division (AA) provides the aftermarket and repair shops worldwide with modern diagnostic and repair shop equipment and a wide range of spare parts – from new and exchange parts to repair solutions – for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Its product portfolio includes products made as Bosch original equipment, products developed in-house and specifically manufactured for the aftermarket, as well as services. About 13,000 associates in more than 150 countries, as well as a global logistics network, ensure that spare parts reach customers quickly and on time. AA supplies testing and repair-shop technology, diagnostic software, service training, and information services. In addition, the division is responsible for the “Bosch Service” repair-shop franchise, one of the world’s largest independent chains of repair-shops, with some 15,000 workshops, and more than 1,000 “AutoCrew” partners.

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