March 2019 Edition

Sensors, Inc. Announces the Opening of Sensors Asia Service Center


Sensors, Inc. held its annual SUN Conference in Shenzhen, China in November 2018. The conference offered an opportunity to introduce Sensors Asia and the Sensors Asia Service Center. The center is located in Shenzhen, China, and is responsible for providing regional service solutions to customers in Asia.

The staff is led by Sensors' technical staff trained and experienced in all aspects of SEMTECH® product service, repair and applications. They have been stationed in the Shenzhen area for several years and are familiar with all aspects of China 4/5/6 regulatory requirements.

Sensors Asia Office Building

Qilong Qiu, Manager Sensors Asia, trained at Sensors, Inc. for over a year before assuming his role in China. He has been the key liaison to our distributors in China, providing sales and service support for over five years. He was educated in China and Europe and has earned a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Kevin Wong, Service Manager Asia, has been responsible for providing service and support to our clients in southern China and Hong Kong for the past eight years, and is intimately familiar with all SEMTECH® systems. He was educated in Hong Kong and Europe and holds a masters degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

Highlights of this year's conference included presentations by industry luminaries Tim Johnson of Corning, who discussed the status of regulatory activity world-wide, and Tao Huai of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), who spoke to specific goals and activities of CARB. The conference focused heavily on regulatory activity in Asia, and China specifically, with presentations by Dr. Jingnan Hu of the Chinese Academy for Environmental Sciences on the Heavy Duty National 5/6, and Dr. Feng Yan, of the Chinese Automotive Technology and Research Center, who discussed key aspects of the Chinese Light Duty National 6 regulation. Both programs are currently in the process of implementation. Other speakers represented Korea, India and Europe, covering applications as well as regulatory activity in those regions

SUN Conference 2019

The conference was the most well attended in recent memory, driven by the timeliness and usefulness of the presentations. Sensors, Inc. used the forum to address customer concerns and applications issues in open session. In addition to very specific issues such as various system configurations and measurement capability, company representatives presented their vision of Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) in the future, and programs the company has to deliver that vision.

European Monitoring PN Emissions of In-use Vehicles

Automotive Particle Analzyer (APA)

The large number of diesel passenger cars in most European countries and the failure of current inspection techniques to identify damaged or tampered DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filters) on those vehicles, has led legislators in several European member states to investigate alternative test methods to detect high emitters during a Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI).

The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are currently conducting research to identify suitable measurement techniques and procedures which will become mandatory for diesel vehicles required to meet emissions standards from Euro 5b and beyond. Those vehicles must comply with a type approval limit for particle number concentration (PN), that can only be met using a DPF in the exhaust aftertreatment system.

Sensors is participating in all relevant European research projects involved with the development of procedures and measurement techniques leading to the implementation of PTI programs throughout Europe. The company has delivered several prototype Automotive Particle Analyzers (APA) based upon Condensation Particle Counting techniques (CPC), the same technology employed to measure PN for type approval. The design of the APA is very similar to the design of test cell equipment ("PMP devices") in order to assure that key measurables such as comparability, repeatability and accuracy are kept at the highest possible level.

Belgium will begin their PN PTI in centralized test lanes in the second half of 2020. The Netherlands will implement a Roadside Inspection program deploying this equipment in 2020 and mandatory PTI program beginning January 1, 2021. The applicable German directive for PTI of emissions requires all Euro 6 diesel road vehicles to be tested for PN starting January 1, 2021. Virtually all other European nations are expected to adopt similar measures in the years following implementation in Germany.

Sensor TECH Software Release Highlights

Over the past few months Sensors, Inc. has distributed a number of software updates for the SEMTECH® DS+ platform. The company continues to add features and benefits to the DS+ platform which enhance its utility and ease of use. These recent releases have included the following highlighted features.

Linden Release Features

  • Automatic periodic zero in recorded test.
  • SEMTECH® DS+ power synchronization and automatic wake up for both SCS & PM2 modules, including automatic start of scheduled recording after wake up.
  • Support of lug curve upload and display on Mobile User Interface (MUI).
  • Time alignment redesign for better user control.
  • Support for low sample rate over several hours and days.
  • HC leak check and Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) during pre-test check.
  • SEMTECH® DS+ online access to user manual via the user interface.
  • Linearity audit certificate includes more information based on regulation chosen. This includes gas divider/bottle information and serial number.

Katsura Release Features

  • Mobile User Interface (MUI) enhancement for live mass emissions.
  • Regulatory audit history supporting multiple regulations.
  • Lamp status added to MUI to indicate overall system status.
  • System information menu added to home screen, includes SD card memory usage and module uptime.

Contact your SEMTECH® representative to discuss any of these new features.

SEMTECH® DS+ Heavy Duty Options

The Solution For All Vehicles

Sensors introduces a number of new accessories and options that lend themselves to a variety of on and off-road vehicle operations. This significantly enhances the utility and ease of use of the SEMTECH® DS+ platform under virtually all environmental conditions encountered in regulatory situations.

Installation may be inside or outside the vehicle. Note the SEMTECH® EFM5, in particular, may be attached directly to the vehicle or the SEMTECH® SCS.


EFM5 flow meters with interchangeable flow tubes for flexibility when testing various engine sizes

Shock Mount Plate

Mounting platforms for various applications, including in-vehicle and hitch mount

Winkler heated line

3M and 5M flexible heated lines

Environmental Enclosure with strain relief

Environmental enclosures with added heated line strain relief

Contact your SEMTECH® representative for more information about our accessories.

March Events In Review

Clean Snowmobile Challenge Team 2019 Sensors, Inc. and Michigan Technological University pit crew at the 20th SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge earlier this month.

David Booker presenting at the 29th CRC Real World Emissions Workshop David Booker, CTO for Sensors, Inc., presented at the 29th CRC Real World Emissions Workshop on Tuesday, March 12, 2019.