August 2016 Edition

13th Annual SEMTECH® User Network (SUN) Conference


After being hosted the past four years by our Sensors Europe office, the annual SEMTECH® User Network (SUN) Conference is returning to the United States. This year the conference will be conveniently located near the 2016 Automotive Testing Expo North America held at the Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi, Michigan. Industry experts from around the world will be speaking to SEMTECH® users regarding future emissions programs and real-world testing experiences. Sensors staff will provide product and software updates along with live demonstrations of our latest Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) product line.

Preliminary Agenda

Regulatory Program Updates from:

PEMS Experiences in the United States, Europe and Asia

SEMTECH® Product Demonstrations

October 24-25, 2016
The Baronette Renaissance Hotel
27790 Novi Rd
Novi, MI 48377

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The Newest SEMTECH® Dual FID Module for LDV and ECOSTAR


Sensors, Inc. proudly announces its new generation of Non-Methane Hydrocarbon (NMHC) Flame Ionization Detection (FID) technology for use with either its SEMTECH® LDV or its SEMTECH® ECOSTAR+ PEMS analyzers, commonly known as "Dual FID", expanding its deployment to include both light-duty and heavy-duty applications.

As before, NMHC measurement can be calculated in post-processing from the direct simultaneous measurement of both the Total Hydrocarbon (THC) and the Methane (CH4) fractions of exhaust gas as described in both the US-EPA 40CFR part 1065 and the E.U. Reg. 49 regulations. Four user calibration ranges between 100ppmC1 and 3000ppmC1 are available, accommodating the vast majority of applications needs.

Key features of the first generation SEMTECH® Dual FIDs have been maintained, such as combining the THC and CH4 detection systems in a single assembly thus requiring only one common pneumatic sampling system and reducing the size and weight of the system accordingly. The system also provides intrinsic time alignment for the THC and CH4 channels responses, making it simpler to post-process the NMHC results. The convenience of on-board catalytic generation of hydrocarbon-free combustion air has also been maintained.

Several significantly beneficial improvements for this second generation SEMTECH® Dual FIDs have been developed, with a focus on reducing the size, weight and power requirements, lowering of gas flow rates (zero, span and sample), and improving operational safety, ruggedness and serviceability.

Dual FID blocks and catalytic reactors (combustion air and NMHC catalytic chamber) have been significantly reduced in size. This allowed for a simplification of the overall design yielding a 23% reduction in total analyzer weight and a significant reduction in power. A 12VDC power supply architecture with a maximum power draw of 300W during warm-up has been achieved.


Zero and span gas flow rates have been reduced by up to 50% to a mere 1.5 LPM. Sample input flow rate has been reduced by up to 67% down to 1.0 LPM, thus broadening the applicability of the analyzer to smaller displacement engines.

Operational safety and prevention of potential problems was a high priority during the redesign. For example, the entire pneumatic system is now operated under negative (gauge) pressure, which, in addition to the reduction of gas flow rates requirements, brings an element of intrinsic safety to the design. Potential problems are mitigated with the addition of pre-capillary system filters, removal of all moving components (only solid state components except for the pump), and use of higher MTBF rated pneumatic and electronic components.

For further information, please contact our sales and support staff.

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Panatech Asia becomes Sensors' Distributor in India

Sensors, Inc. announces that it has reached an agreement with Panatech Asia, Pvt. Ltd. to become its SEMTECH® product line distributor in India.

Panatech Asia is a 21-year old company providing world class products and services to automotive, educational and research institutions. Its high standards for quality and innovation match well with Sensors' reputation in the automotive industry. The company will significantly expand its engineering, sales and support staff to accommodate this new product line.

"Sensors has been looking for an opportunity to expand its reach into India," states Robert Wilson, Sensors' VP Marketing and Sales. "Panatech Asia matched up perfectly with our technical, sales and service requirements for a distributor in the region. They are well positioned to promote and support our SEMTECH® products in this regional market space."

Air quality in India has been deteriorating over a period of time and with the increase in vehicle population. The government of India has focused increasing attention on the problem and has required implementation of a Euro 6 standard nationwide by 2020, skipping the Euro V standard. A key component of this standard is in-use testing, which will be required of all vehicle manufacturers if the European protocol is adopted in full.

"The timing for this agreement could not be better," says Vijay Deshpande, Panatech Asia's Managing Director. "India is embarking on an ambitious campaign to improve air quality in its major cities, and regulatory agencies will be looking closely at requirements for the portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS) that have become standards in Europe and the United States. We are seeing a tremendous rise in interest for these systems, and Panatech Asia is prepared to be a key player in this market space."

The SEMTECH® product line is focused on its portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS), which are capable of meeting laboratory-grade specifications, yet robust enough to operate in extremely harsh environments. The latest generation, the SEMTECH® LDV, meets all requirements of the European RDE-LDV program, which requires in-use testing for certification of all passenger vehicles in September, 2017. The base SEMTECH® RDE-LDV system measuring criteria pollutants CO, CO2, NO and NO2 have been marketed and sold since 2014. The system may be expanded to include options for PN, THC, and methane measurements.

A SEMTECH® Real-World Application: Emissions Analytics Ltd


Emissions Analytics is among the heaviest users of Sensors' SEMTECH® systems, having tested over 1,200 vehicles for fuel economy alone since its inception. Reliability is critical to an efficient operation and Emissions Analytics depends on the SEMTECH® solutions to keep them "on the road". The company also counts on Sensors' in-use testing expertise to resolve unusual issues with specific applications.

Recent headlines have highlighted the issue that real-world emissions can be four times or more higher than official NOx emissions figures. To help car buyers and provide the industry with a "level playing field", Emissions Analytics launched the new EQUA Air Quality Index rating scheme, "to help clear the confusion over real-world NOx emissions." The new index gives consumers a means to compare different vehicles to determine which vehicle best meets their needs.

EQUA Index / Aq Air Quality

"With ratings openly published and freely available to all, including vehicle manufacturers and consumers, the EQUA Index is an on-going program which provides an easy to understand sticker clearly showing each car's performance," states Nick Molden, CEO and founder of Emissions Analytics.


The independently financed and developed EQUA Index relies on data generated from actual real-world testing. The first set of over 440 vehicles was introduced in April, 2016 and new vehicles are being added continuously to ensure its relevance. The new index is a natural extension of Emissions Analytics' work with fuel economy in Europe and North America over the past several years.

Such a heavy volume of testing requires in-use test equipment that is both robust and accurate, and Emissions Analytics has relied on SEMTECH® portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS) from Sensors, Inc. to provide solutions for its testing needs. From its initial investment in equipment for fuel economy measurements, through its expanded efforts to measure NOx emissions, Sensors, Inc. has delivered cost-effective systems that meet all known laboratory standards.

"Having equipment we can rely on is critical to the success of our programs," according to Molden. "Consumers depend on the accuracy of our reports to make buying decisions. Policymakers look to us for information in formulating regulations to improve air quality, and manufacturers use our data to evaluate their performance relative to their peers. It is critical that our equipment meet all known standards for measurement accuracy and precision."

Contact our sales and applications support staff to learn more about how Sensors, Inc. developed solutions for Emissions Analytics and how they can help you.

(Excerpts from Emissions Analytics EQUA Index Press Release April 21, 2016.)