April 2018 Edition

Introducing SEMTECH® DS+


The Solution For All Vehicles


SEMTECH® DS+ configuration shown with FID and PM2 modules

Sensors, Inc. introduced the SEMTECH® LDV in 2014, in response to the European demand for a fully compliant RDE system for light-duty vehicles. The system has been universally praised for its ease of operation and software that is both intuitive and comprehensive. As requirements for Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) have spread globally, Sensors, Inc. has added features and functionality to meet those demands. This includes the introduction of SEMTECH® CPN for the measurement of particle number, the PM2 for the measurement of particulate mass, and the SEMTECH® FID / Dual FID for the measurement of total hydrocarbons (THC).

The system has subsequently evolved to SEMTECH® DS+, to meet the requirements for all potential SEMTECH® users, light-duty as well as heavy-duty, on-road and off-road. SEMTECH's® scalability provides the flexibility and robustness to adapt to any application our customers require, including the most demanding off-road applications such as analyzing emissions from construction equipment.

In addition to the core modules for measuring the criteria pollutants, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, THC, and Particulate (both number and mass), several key options adapt the SEMTECH® system to such applications:

  • EFM4 flowmeters to measure exhaust flow with flow rates greater than 1000 kg/hr.
  • Mounting platforms capable of handling the most demanding test environments, including those found in agriculture, construction and mining, and providing for maximum flexibility for configuring the SEMTECH® DS+.
  • Single and dual power supplies.
  • Environmental enclosures which inhibit moisture and dust from affecting system performance.

The SEMTECH® DS+, with its full complement of basic measurement modules, and its extensive menu of hardware and software accessories and options, is fully capable of meeting the most demanding applications in the harshest of environments.

Contact your SEMTECH® representative for more information on your application.

Sensor TECH Compliance Software

Compliance software packages are also necessary to meet the regulatory requirements in specific countries, as type approval programs continue to come on stream. Many of those are now available with SEMTECH® DS+ to support our PEMS customers subject to such regulations, including:

  • Sensor TECH RDE LD Compliance package which supports COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2017/1151, often referred to as "Package 3" of the European RDE regulation.
  • Sensor TECH HD Compliance package which supports COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2016/1718 for in service compliance testing of heavy-duty vehicles in Europe.
  • Sensor TECH NRMM Compliance package which support draft versions of COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2017/655 for non-road in service emission testing.
  • Sensor TECH National 6 Compliance package which supports preliminary regulations for China 6 regulations governing in service emissions testing of lightduty vehicles.
  • Sensor TECH National 5b Compliance package which supports China 5 regulations for in service compliance testing of heavy-duty vehicles in China.
  • Sensor TECH Bharat VI package which supports Bharat VI regulations for in service compliance testing of light-duty vehicles in India.
  • Sensor TECH US HDIUT program package which supports the US Heavy-Duty In-Use Testing (HDIUT) program for on-highway heavy-duty vehicles.

Contact your SEMTECH® representative to discuss your specific needs.

AEA Certification for SEMTECH® CPN

AEA Certification for the SEMTECH® CPN is required for any Regulation (EU) 2017/1154 PN submitted reports. This service is conducted at an accredited laboratory for an additional charge.

Customers who currently own a SEMTECH® CPN module with AEA laboratory certification will receive notification in advance of the annual expiration date from our Technical Support Team. Advanced scheduling for re-certifications is required to ensure that your certification does not expire, as well as to reduce any downtime for this unit.

Contact the Sales Department for more information regarding this certification for your current or future SEMTECH® CPN module.

SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Update

Sensors' President & CEO, Joe Morrill

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Sensors sponsored in-service emissions testing events for the 2018 SAE International Clean Snowmobile Challenge (CSC) held each year at the Keweenaw Research Center in Calumet, MI. The in-service emission testing event has been sponsored by Sensors, Inc. since its inception.

SEMTECH DS testing snowmobile in-use

I am especially proud to have witnessed the bright minds of tomorrow competing in a fun and worthy challenge. Special congratulations to the Pioneers of the University of Wisconsin - Platteville for winning the in-service emission competition and for taking home the grand prize. Well done.

Sensors sponsors snowmobile challenge

This event is an "engineering design competition for undergraduate and graduate students...that tests their designs to re-engineer an existing snowmobile to reduce emissions and noise". The competition is split into gasoline or diesel internal combustion engines with the idea to develop a snowmobile considered environmentally acceptable to our National Parks, like Yellowstone. Teams are challenged to improve a modern snowmobile with innovative solutions ranging from new engines to improved after-treatments to better handling, ride and noise performance.

Learn more at:

Check out the excellent article on the event:

SEMTECH DS leaving on test run Out for another run
SEMTECH DS in snowmobile test rig A closeup of one our workhorse PEMS in the trenches